Thursday, March 18, 2010

Forever and a day...

People do things sometimes that they may regret and sometimes people simply make mistakes when they are not thinking clearly. DJQ is definitely one of those people...and he is far from perfect. All people have good and bad traits in them. One good trait DJQ has in his heart is that he'll never turn his back on a friend and never say 'i love you' and not mean it. Life is a tough thing to figure out sometimes, but someone who you can truly count on is a rare thing...

Just know that if at any time I have called you 'friend' or 'best friend', I will always be there for you. If I've ever said 'I love you', this is something I meant. It doesn't matter if you've broken my heart or broken my trust...if you fall into either category and are ever in a bad situation and don't have anywhere else to run can come to me...and I will give you shelter from the storm. I am one person in this world you can count on...and that is something you can count on 'forever and a day'.

Some people in this world will say 'I love you' and not truly mean it...some will say they are your friend and not truly mean it...DJQ is proud to KNOW he says what he means and means what he says...and you can always count on that...until the day he dies.

So if you're having trouble trying to figure out life and it suddenly hits you right between the eyes, know that DJQ will not judge you or scorn you when you run to him...and will be that one true friend to the end of his time here in this crazy world.

Check out the new song by Rob Thomas's a good one!!


  1. Glad to know that when you say you are a friend that you mean it.

  2. One thing for sure you can count on...forever and a day.