Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stormy weather...

Last nite was my first nite on the boat during a rainstorm.  It was an event to hear the rain and see the drops trickle into the lake making their thousands of disruptions in the smooth surface of the water.  I was mesmerized and sat for a few hours just watching it.  Thoughts drifted through my mind and I relaxed completely.

I thought about how soothing living on a boat was even during the rain.  I thought about the Ark and how Noah must have felt when the rain started.  I felt relieved that even if the rain never stopped, I would be fine and carry on.   Life is about those small moments when you know you'll carry on regardless of what happens.   We are all confused at times throughout our lives and the only weapon we have is our mind.  The mind is all.....we are what we think.

I think I'll stay around a little while longer to see how DJQ's quest goes.   Love is always worth waiting for...

For now, I'm in love with Bella.   She is very beautiful with nice curves and is in a class all by herself.  Her name is Bella Luna, which is Italian for 'Beautiful Moon'.   I will take good care of her and she'll always be there for me...


  1. Very nice. I remember being on a beach in the Carbibean during a wind storm. It was friggin' cold. But I wanted to feel the wind on my face, feel a force much greater than me. I imagine watching a river fill up with even more rain water would be mesmerizing, indeed.

    Glad you're enjoying the boat. Great name!

  2. Thanks for the comment, David.

    The peace and tranquility are unmatched there at my quiet marina. It is just what I need right now on my quest for love and life...