Monday, June 21, 2010

Why can't WOMEN communicate?...

It is HOT in the Dirty South!! 100 degrees with an index of 110! We have had a HEAT WAVE for a whole week now! I don’t normally mind the 80’s and even the 90’s, but the 100’s SUCK!…Luckily, this next week will be in the mid-90’s…UGH!!

I recently have been wondering why women clam-up at times when simple communication is all that is needed and necessary. Does anyone out there know the answer??

I think if you truly care about someone, you should always strive to communicate in whatever way necessary and that this is not only healthy, but considerate of the other person’s feelings and polite as well. I’ve always tried to communicate openly and honestly, whether it’s good news or bad news.

I’ve had a lot of experience with this, folks! Women DO simply shut down at times and just will not communicate what they’re feeling or why they’re angry or hurt…It’s so WEIRD and BIZARRE to me…for people to text and message like nothing is wrong and then, without warning….no response from text, email, or even FB…

And men get the bad rap about shutting down and not communicating?!!

Sometimes relationships do not work out. Sometimes people are not meant for one another. Sometimes lovers is all we are or were….in the end. However, why we won’t be together doesn’t mean we can’t be friends…or even possibly become lovers again in time as change is forever constant. Why end things rudely by cold-shouldering? I just don’t get that…nor am I charmed by it…or these foolish games some ladies play.

Give me some help here folks!! WHY do they do this?…

I’ve always thought consideration in relationships was underestimated. I’ve heard many a woman speak about how they want the same thing…true and open communication…only to shut down when least expected.

I think DJQ’s quest shall now seek to include a lady who truly communicates openly and, as recent events dictate the need, has a considerate and loving heart…

OK…some video footage of Beaver Creek should be online soon…get ready for some HEAT in the DIRTY SOUTH!!


  1. I am not sure why women clam up sometimes, especially when we are supposed to be the sex that initiates communication.

    Some guesses.........

    1.) She wants out of the relationship.
    2.) She is seeing someone else
    3.) She doesn't know how to communicate.

    I would like to know why men clam up and don't communicate as well. Feel free to answer if you have some answers.

  2. You think women will speak honestly?


    And I'm saying that as a woman who has tried to have relationships with women. In friendships with men or women, I've normally preferred men because they are honest and straight-forward. Many women tend to hide their feelings because they take things personally or they're afraid of hurting someone or they're afraid of being judged for how they feel...

    And I'm admitting to some of those myself.

    I also know that sometimes, as a female, we don't know how we feel, we just know that we don't feel good.

    We're very complicated!!

  3. I think it depends on the situation.

    Like T said, a lot of times we don't know how we feel we just feel something.

    I am a talker. I talk too much. That may even be worse than shutting down.

  4. Senorita, thanks for the comment. Some men clam up because men, especially some of us in the South, were raised as children to be tough and to never cry or watch a chik flik. I've learned through Zen to enlighten and be truthful at all times...unfortunately, the truth is not always what you want to hear, but is necessary for true and open communication.

    T---Yall are DEFINITELY VERY COMPLICATED...I love you for your honesty and enlightenment.

    Danielle--"Speak only when it improves on silence." is an ancient Zen quote that I always remember during conversations. It has kept me from talking too much.

    I think talking to communicate is never too much. As long as one does not understand, the other should work to help them. It's what a partnership should be about.

  5. Now Don there are some of us women who are completely different. I communicate very well and the person I am seeing knows that from the start, I am who I am and not changing for anyone. People whom can't communicate away have something they don't want to say or can't say. But their are women like me that just tell you straight up and maybe that is one of my faults but that makes me who I am. I am a very honest person and like to be treated the same good or bad. Besides carring around hurt and angry will ruin any relationship. It's not just women it's men and women that act this way, just change the people your around. Life is awhole lot easier if you don't walk on egg shells, ya know I never did. This women will tell anyone and expect nothing else from anyone else. Take care!

  6. I have NO idea who that anonymous person was! They didn't leave a clue or anything...Damn! Now I gotta wonder who the hell it was?!