Thursday, April 1, 2010

From Bad Mojo to a View of the Water...

Life changes quickly on you.  Sometimes change happens slowly and sometimes at the speed of sound.
The only thing certain in life is that change WILL occur.   So when you are down and out, make sure to hold on...change will be right around the corner.

I've been seeking a change in scenery for the last month or so.....I knew it was something I had to do to keep my sanity.  I wasn't sure where or when I would go, but felt something would come up soon.  Out of the blue I was contacted this morning by a friend who has a 50 ft houseboat on one of the large lakes in South Carolina.  It is a spectacular boat with a large beautiful stateroom, lounge area, full kitchen, upper and lower decks, and every creature comfort of a home....except this home is on the water! 
The home I currently live in has alot of bad memories from the last year and I hate bad mojo.   Everything in it reminds me of a bad relationship and the lies I was told by a woman I had truly believed in.  The memories haunt me....and I have been looking for an exodus.
My friend told me to go stay at the houseboat.  She said I could live there if I wanted to for awhile.  It's quiet and peaceful and on a beautiful spot on the water.  I told her I would take her up on it before I had even thought about it.  It would be just what I needed.  It will be the perfect place to get some writing done....and is only 40 minutes from my work....which I will not mind driving.

Good things happen to those that wait.  I knew I couldn't stand being in my house for much longer as it simply had too many bad memories and was full of negative energy.   It was once a house of joy and love, but now was a nightmare of lies and deceit. 

I will be packing my things shortly....and making sure I've got the bathing suits, towels, sunscreen, flip flops, and a good blender!!!

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